Love and Awakening...


The following is a love note to the awakening of all that is moving in and through me. It’s about the harmonizing of my inner and outer life— through relationships with self, home, community, earth…..with each and every beloved other.

For today I feel like the following offering, written/performed by Rising Appalachia, is speaking for me.

Thank you for your presence here.

from Rising Appalachia:

This is a love song. 
But it’s really about being in harmony
with ones self, 
bringing full throttle honesty to the table, to another persons voracious appetite,
so that you don’t get lost in the mix of the psychedelic upheaval that is love. 
This song is about offering truth, 
about asking questions, 
about bringing ritual back into the devotional process of amor. 
It is laying bits of metal and silver and moonlight at the feet of your beloved, like the bower bird in the forest. 
Courtship as a rite of passage. 
It demands that we are awake for one another. 
Awake means alive. 
Awake means listening. 
Awake means on fire. 
Awake means fully moved

*Harmonize - A love song and a rite of passage to that higher form of love. It’s about the calling forth of truth, lust, inspiration, fantasy, and honesty from the depths of a person. It presents true love as an opportunity to dive into an 'asking and telling' rapport instead of assuming or confining. The hook, "I’m awake for you", is meant to shift the listener into a deep heartbeat - a throbbing of sorts. Awake means listening. Awake means present. Awake means vulnerable and ignited.

photos: me, Mohonk Preserve, NY; April 8, 2018.