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I offer one-with-one Somatic Movement sessions in New York City, Stone Ridge, and online.


Sessions can be booked in 60 or 90 min increments on a weekly to bi-weekly basis, depending upon needs and availability.


Main Session Components

Physical movement explorations

Designed to increase strength, coordination, flexibility, efficiency of movement, balance, and versatility.


Innovation and playful discovery

Developing creative skills for moving with sensitivity, imagination and individuality.

Movement patterning and education

Attending to the neuromuscular, musculoskeletal and perceptual ways in which we move and express ourselves (includes discovering supportive frameworks while dissolving chronic pain patterns).

Rest, release and integration

A period of time within sessions in which new information can be integrated and supported for future kinetic action (gentle hands-on somatic table-work, fully clothed, is often included in this portion of the session).


Tailored in-home programs, year-long customized courses, skype sessions, and video resources as additional support.



The studio at Moving Body Resources is a purposefully open space, therein providing dynamic possibility for clients’ needs as they emerge. Props and small equipment are available as supplemental support.