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I’ve worked with Jeni for almost 10 years now, and I credit our sessions with my total transformation, inside and out. I am not only physically stronger but also infinitely more aware of my body – the way I move, the way I eat, the way I relate to others and to myself. This ongoing education is especially valuable because Jeni is endlessly generous with her knowledge and support; the sessions are varied, well-balanced, and truly customized to what your goals are, even as they evolve. Working with Jeni has taught me to treat my health as the lifelong commitment that it is, and this approach is what fosters positive change and creates real results in my every day.
Jessica, San Francisco, CA
Teachers: I have studied with and been shaped by a number of teachers throughout my life and career. I would like to offer a special acknowledgement to Annette Benert, Jaye Allison, and Mary Abrams. Your lives, bodies of work, and abilities to see and amplify the gifts of others have been a steady inspiration and support in my life. Head bowed to heart.
Jeni has changed my life… literally. I always approached exercise as a chore because it wasn’t really improving my well-being, and I was just checking a box. Now, I find my health and body significantly improved and I am staying strong in a way I never could have. Compared to my friends of similar age, I feel I am in much better shape and health. I believe that is largely due to Jeni’s training.
TJ, Redwood City, CA
Working in partnership with Jeni has been transformative. Our work has facilitated both a deep settling and a surprising curiosity for exploring the world—inside and outside of myself. Seemingly simple exercises are used in conjunction with hands-on work to cultivate a healing energy. I’m grateful to be engaged in this deep and meaningful work.
S.L., New York, NY
This site is dedicated to:

Each member of my family ~ your unique gifts, creativity, commitment, and deep care inspire and encourage me daily.

My dear friend, La ~ your partnership in inner world explorations for all these years is such a gift to my life.

My clients and friends ~ deep appreciation for your trust, dedication, curiosity and courage. I learn so much from you.
I have worked with Jeni for over 8 years, and have loved how my experience of her practice has evolved from purely physical to a complete mind and body exploration. Jeni has a unique ability to make me comfortable to engage in different ways. She has helped me recover from injuries (ACL reconstruction being the most major) and strengthen my body in a balanced way. But even more so, she has helped me to identify and work through unhealthy patterns, both mental and physical, that have prevented me from achieving my goals in the past. Jeni is such a positive presence in my life and I am so happy to count her as a friend and supporter!
Erin S., New York, NY
Oceans by Juan Ramón Jimenéz

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Working with Jeni has been a wonderful, life-expanding experience. I enjoy learning from Jeni and being supported in all aspects of life. From a strong, supported physical body, to having a space to really open up and find my inner strength and abilities. Many wonderful changes have occurred in my life thanks to the support and guidance offered through Jeni’s practice.
Rebecca, Azle, TX
Jeni is not just a trainer, she is a teacher. She will educate you on the proper form, purpose, and benefit of each exercise. She is dedicated to understanding your individual needs, and each session is tailored to your unique health and fitness goals. Her exercises are creative and varied, so you never get bored. She is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of living a healthy lifestyle, including nutrition, stress relief and meditation. Best of all, she is so sweet and kind — always willing to answer questions and offer helpful guidance. Training with Jeni over the past eight years has truly transformed my approach to exercise. I never believed I could develop a consistent workout regimen, but Jeni helped me do it.
Vani, Redwood City, CA
Collaboration: This site would not be possible without the uniquely creative vision of Julian Leon at The Missive and his willingness to engage with me in questions of connection, identity and self-expression.

Julian, our work together has encouraged my personal clarity, articulation of ideas, imagination, and engagement with my creative work. Your well-timed and relatable “tangents”, alongside skilled consultation, and willingness to explore the ways in which somatics in-forms our questions, processes and products has allowed for a full-bodied artistic endeavor. Thank you!

A special note of gratitude to Kim Tateo and Mindy Ascosi for being integral parts of this process in the ways that you assisted me in earlier iterations of my site and work. I would not be here without your generous care, talents and guidance!
Jeni is a life coach, trainer and friend, all rolled into one. She possesses such thorough knowledge of anatomy and physiology, that continues to amaze me. And so important, her training sessions are so effective that even one or two per week yields amazing results.
Linda, New York, NY
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