this week’s #mindfulmonday is a continuation of the song played in my post of last monday, Love and Awakening, (click the link to listen)….


Tell me what makes you weary

Tell me what lights up your eyes

I’ll meet you there in the middle

We’ll lay down and harmonize…

~ Rising Appalachia

Begin with yourself…

  • lay down on the ground in a comfortable position, feel the ground and your body meeting one another— the variances of weight, the variances of space;

  • rest your hands on your body, feel their weight, their temperature; feel the sensations of your body meeting the touch of your hands.

  • as your hands rest on your body and your body rests on the ground, feel the shape of your body breathing…

  • begin to hum, in no particular tone, just an easy Huuummmmm— sounding more inwards than outwards— feel the vibrations of your Hums moving in and through your body…and maybe even through your body and into the ground (deeper hums seem to have a denser vibration that may be easier to feel).

  • Pause at any point for several breaths, feeling the shape of your body breathing, and then begin several more rounds of Hums;

  • after humming in and through your body on and off for awhile, REST, and gently notice the sensations arising within you; notice again the way your body feels against the ground— maybe there have been some shifts in weight, in space, in the movement of your breath….

  • Ask yourself— tenderly, with open interest and attention (perhaps the way you would tune yourself toward a dear friend, a child, a lover)…

    What makes you peaceful?
    What keeps you inspired?

I’m awake for and with you!

~ Jeni ~

photos: me, Mohonk Preserve & my front yard; April 2019.

Thank you for your presence here.