Contemplation, pt. 1


Hiking a trail with friends, our conversation moves across the ground and through the trees as each person comments-listens-looks around....much like the bird, squirrel and chipmunk chatter surrounding us. 

After some pause-and-play time on a large rock outcropping, our group presses onward. A small white root system captures my attention. I kneel for a closer look and feel as if 

all of the world is here, looking back at me. 


I've been returning again and again to this photograph. There's so much here for me that I am unable to articulate. As with any time I spend in contemplation, I turn the object/the question/the image over and around.....and even turn myself over and around in relation to it. 

Here I am today—

growing up, growing down:
cycles of life, death and contemplation.

photo credit: me, on the trail to Giants Ledge, Rosendale, NY; May 2018.