there are so many fragments of thoughts, images, sensations that weave through and tumble over one another as I distill some small element of my experience to share each Monday. I spend hours in the slow process of drawing out one tiny attempt to form words that reach from the inside of my being, out into the world around me, and perhaps touch-in somewhere inside of you, shifting your breath, softening your gaze, or calling forth a sound. 

many times it is the poetry of others, coupled with images that I capture on my weekly wanders, that I offer here.....the secret is that I write and move and contemplate for myself through the day and somewhere at the end of it, I arrive here. grateful for the skills of others to form words eloquently, when I cannot. 

I invite you to rest your hand on your body, wherever feels natural, and notice the movement of your breath, your you read on......

thank you for your presence here ~ jeni

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 10.54.19 PM.png

     From the door sill of a dream they called my name....
It was the good voice, the voice I loved so much.

     "--Listen: will you go with me to visit the soul?..."
A soft stroke reached up to my heart.

     "With you always"...And in my dream I walked
down a long and solitary corridor,
aware of the touching of the pure robe,
and the soft beating of blood in the hand that loved me.

~ Antonio Machado, from TIMES ALONE (trans. Robert Bly)

photo: screenshot from Beloved On The Earth short film, Costa Rica, 2012.