moons and mountains, part III


After about five weeks of traveling, both for expected and unexpected reasons, I feel the ways in which the familiarity of the smells, sights and sounds of this region signal that I am winding towards the end of my journeys.

I drive by the Shawangunk Ridge and feel my breath ease, my entire body opening wide with the sky. I am almost…


Since I’ve been driving so much these days I have had a lot of time to ponder and little time to write. Below are a few notes that I scribbled into a book as I contemplated what the eclipse signifies for me ~ in the movements towards, during, and away from the actual event. 

…considerations of sun and moon representing a glance of orbiting opposites, the intermingling of those perceived opposites, light and dark. I feel like I spend a good amount of time in both, so these realms are familiar ~ they also represent to me the full range and scope of my life right now.

I really feel like the past month of my life, in all areas, has challenged me to really live into the outer reaches of myself and as I embraced each experience (in the best ways I knew how at the time), I was built up and strengthened from a very deep and connected-to-all-things place, but particularly [to] just simply being me in life.

…the eclipse energy brings all the edges of my life and gathers them towards center.

In other words, my experiences were taking me to various outer reaches and then as I experienced my outer edges and came back towards what feels more like my “normal” realm, I brought those experiences and new understandings with me, therefore expanding my capacity for where my edges are now. 

And because so many of those edge-pushing events happened in [such] a short period of time, I eventually wasn’t “going and coming back” as much as
just being all of it— and myself— the sun and moon intimately intertwining.
[ the sun and moon….one-ing].


solar eclipse 2017. picture credit:  Kim Tateo

solar eclipse 2017. picture credit: Kim Tateo