Going Gently....


Lately I have been feeling like I am coming right up to the edge of "enough" for myself in almost every aspect of my life. As I draw near to and even push at the edges of what I perceive is possible, as I feel the tremors of mental-physical-emotional exhaustion buzzing under my skin, as I notice a slight gripping in my jaw or clenching in my feet, I take a slow breath....and remind myself to go gently.

northwest corner of my garden, August 2017

northwest corner of my garden, August 2017

"going Gently" means to me......pausing more often throughout my day to feel my feet connecting with the ground, the movement of my breath inside my body, listening to the sounds and taking in the smells around me (mostly when I'm at home in the mountains...I'm a little more careful with how much I open my nostrils to take in smells when in the NY subway!). 

"going Gently" means to me.....offering a "light touch" for myself and others, just as the butterfly in the picture touches down ever so lightly and sweetly, receiving nourishment for itself and then spreading it all around its environment.

"going Gently" means to me.....giving others the benefit of the doubt, setting aside "jumping to conclusions" and choosing to slow down long enough to ask questions, and again pausing more often throughout my day to feel my connection to the ground, my breath moving in my body and opening my senses to the world around me. 

Today I choose "Gently" over and over and over again.

moons and mountains, part III will arrive later this week. until then.....peace ~ jeni