water in, water out!

John is a friend of mine, curious about life and creative in his ways of caring for himself holistically on a daily basis. Our somatic movement sessions together are filled with imaginative play as we explore our perceptions of balance, strength, coordination, articulation and so much more.

The other day John shared one of his creative self care ideas for making sure that he drinks enough water throughout his day.

A simple yet helpful visual reminder for each of us: a pitcher of water set out on the table to drink from throughout the day. Finish the pitcher of water and you have your daily intake! On those days when you don’t finish it, you have a clear picture (and pitcher…ba-dump-bump) of how well you resourced your body for the day.


Curious about determining the average amount of water intake your body needs?

Here is a simple equation: your weight divided by 2 equals the base line ounces of water necessary for you for the day. Example: 140/2 =70 ounces of water.

I say “base line” because caffeine intake, exercise, if you are pregnant and/or breastfeeding, and the climate are all factors that influence whether your body requires more water.

For more information, visit: calculating water intake

For me personally, I usually make sure that for every ounce of caffeine I drink, I am drinking at least the equivalent, if not double, in water. When I exercise, I drink at least 8 more ounces of water (or coconut water—to replenish electrolytes!) per 30 min to 1 hour of exercise.

I promise you won’t float away!

What you may discover–and feel!–over time are a myriad of benefits as your body is resourced:


Question and Reflection:
Have you ever Not drank water because you were concerned that you’d need to use the restroom frequently? If so, which do you believe is more supportive in the long run—refraining because of inconvenience? or being hydrated and resourced with perhaps a few more bathroom stops in your day? I’ve had to address this question myself as I travel quite regularly on bus, train and plane. My exhaustion levels, digestion and jet lag were all exacerbated whenever I refrained from hydrating regularly throughout my trip. I was also surprised to discover that when I did begin to hydrate more regularly as I travel, I am not as inconvenienced as I initially perceived that I would be! I enjoyed this water story by a fellow traveler: MindBodyGreen


Photo Credit: Gratitude to Colleen Ascosi for the energized, light-filled photo! Check out: DarlinDixie