The Space Between (pt. 2)


“The Space Between,” (pt.1) was written almost 6 months ago. Actually, both parts one and two were written on the same day, and I waited until today to share the rest. Smiling as I consider what I have learned in the space between….

The Space Between

There is an invisible arc that begins at the bottom of my heart,
travels up through the roof of my mouth, then curves
from behind the depths of my eyes,
extending forward through pupil-ed pools.

I travel this arc, traversing the air across
what is sometimes a wide dark chasm,
and other times only the space of a whisper.

You meet me there from the archway of your own deep heart.

We circle one another and trade places, 
spilling one into the other, 
behind eyes, 
roof of mouth, 
back of throat,
the other’s heart. 


we rummage through wordless stories, 

asking life and death questions; 

we unfurl tendrils of ourselves yearning for rest and wondering about home. 

Something in the outside world calls loudly—
our arches pull apart. 

I return to the bottom of my heart— 
your scent lingering, not yet an imprint. 

Late at night, I wake to a “Yes” in the back of my throat. 

Is it yours or mine? 

~ Jeni, 9/3/18.*

Thank you for your presence here.

*poem written on the way to Springfarm trailhead and then finished in the field at sunset; original format of poem is different than what may be depicted on screen.

summer photos: me, Mohonk Preserve, NY. September 3, 2018.
winter photos: D. Houle, Pequea, PA. February 3, 2018.