feel your way through the rainy photos below,
see them newly in the words beneath,
and perhaps sense your pores opening as you
smell, taste, remember your own rain-soaked experiences of
being here and loved.

here I am
standing in the rain, palms upturned
clouds rising and falling from mountain heart to sky and back again.

my breath quickens
and heart spills open, unfurling through my arms,
streaming down my legs, 

and then, 
in undulating waves, 
rises up from ground 
and achingly presses into the back of my throat.

my tongue, heavy and wet, pulses against teeth, 
finally pushing through 

to reach, 


touch the smell 
rain-soaked grasses,
leaves on stone, muddied bark,
my own damp hair curling around my face 
the way these bright flowers tug at my ankles 

you are here— 
I can taste you!

~ jeni, 9/17/18 ~

photos: me, Springfarm Trailhead, Mohonk Preserve; September 17, 2018.

Thank you for your presence here.