Taking Flight...


I want to tell you about recent awakenings deep in the oceanic cells of my being. I want to tell you how I've been creating for several days almost nonstop, after over a decade of starved time. I want to share with you who and what have been weaving their ways through my life, and how finally I am tender enough to receive.....

And while the above feels quite profound and moving for me, I am also going to hold those stories-poems-dances close to me for awhile longer, letting them work within me and me within them. 

In the meantime, here is a small glimpse into my day....a quick scramble up the side of a cliff to hang out with some vultures and then offer my own dance.....and yes, maybe it would be more elegant if I weren't in a Rolling Stones tank top, 20-year-old cut off jeans, and perched on the edge of a rock with my iphone. Honestly, I would've liked to have worked and reworked the video to get just the right angle and movement to satisfy the technician in me....and to feel a little less vulnerable about sharing this moment with you....yet instead here I am, in this moment-- dirty, skinned elbows, messy hair, and breathing deeper than I have in quite some time. 

Enjoy and In-Joy,

Thank you for your presence here. 

photo/videos: me, Bonticou Crag, Mohonk Preserve, NY. August 27, 2018.