Touching the center...


What sustains you from the inside

when all else falls away?



work in progress : dream-seed, 6/17/18
This drawing came out of a time of movement-dancing as I allowed my body to express whatever was pressing to be seen-sensed from the depths of my being.

As I began moving pastels across scrap paper, I had no preconceived notion of what image would arise. Colors became circles became became an eye became stone became fire became mountain, and on and on as I turned the paper again and again and moved color after color.....

This is what emerged. 

Today, as I circle back and through this moving-dancing-drawing, I come across a poem by Oriah* and I wonder what I am willing to risk as I touch into the center of my longing and extend outwards...again and again.

Thank you for your presence here.

*The Invitation by Oriah
drawing: pastels on brown scrap paper, me. June 2018.