February (IV)


For the month of February I have been posting Love Notes for my Mindful Monday series ~ to you, to me, to the earth ~ and in so doing I have realized how often I am breathing-sounding-speaking-dancing-living-being....RECEIVING, notes of love every single day! 

As this is the last Monday in February, I am closing with a "love poem" that has been moving with me since I discovered it twenty years ago. I recall inviting friends to join me under a large-canopied tree as I read from W.S. Merwin's THE RAIN IN THE TREES. Some would lounge comfortably, others would pause, slightly rigid with concern as to whether they'd make it to class in time. I recall asking, "Why hurry to get to class to just sit there and wait for the teacher?.....What if we could lounge outside for a few extra minutes of poetry and nature, walk leisurely to class, and STILL make it in time?"

Why hurry up to wait when we can enjoy the space in time?

...and it was true. We could and we did. 

Here is one of my first favorite love poems.....Enjoy and in-Joy! ~ Jeni


photo: me, Bonticou Crag, 2/26/18.