as one year pours into the next….

In what ways do you offer yourself the opportunity to release into emptiness?

the quality of emptiness that is in the space before your inhale,
in the pause before you take your first bite of food,
before you ingest words and ideas about the world;
the moment before you enact your daily stories of “shoulds and should-nots”

the quality of emptiness that is the space of no-Thing.

Try it now with your breath—



e m p t y i n g . . .

pausing, waiting, allowing your inhale to naturally fill you and then again, emptying…
and again
and again




and as you arrive into emptiness, as you settle into this space of no-Thing,

what do you notice in your body?

Thank you for your Presence here.

photos: me, trail on the way to Bonticou Crag, Mohonk Preserve.
December 31, 2018.