this play. this day!

Upon waking every morning, I share conversation with the trees outside my window. Bending, swishing, swaying, fluttering, whispering, bowing, waving, rustling…..

One recent morning, I hear the alarm on my phone sound it’s waking chimes, I reach for my phone, tap “snooze” and, phone still in hand, begin my waking process: scrolling through pictures on Instagram, reading bits of a meditation newsletter online, checking emails and beginning the formulation of my “to-do” list for the day. Something, an uncomfortable surge of resistant sensation bubbles slightly beneath my skin….I interpret it as just not wanting to get out of bed, yet my whole self –body, mind, spirit– knows better. This uncomfortable surge of resistant sensation is, very clearly, rising up against my choices to awaken into my day by immediately connecting to a small, hard, electronic device that jolts my mind into detailed activity, ignoring every other movement and sensation attempting to rise from the depths and rhythms of sleep.

What, oh what, am I doing to myself— disconnecting my head from my body and funneling all of my attention to the dictation of a tiny, inanimate machine….?!? Aaarrrrruuuhhhgh! Uh! My entire being comes to a halt at the realization of a pattern that is deadening sensation, rhythm, life itself.

I feel into the tenderness arising within me for my creative being, so much potential waiting to be ignited, waiting to be invited to participate in relationship with myself and the world around me.

I look out the window and see the limbs and bodies of trees bending, swishing, swaying, fluttering in the unseen breath of the breeze. 

I sense into my own being and notice tiny movements within joining the conversation of the trees. Whispering, bowing, waving, rustling, my breath breezily plays over and through the landscape of my being, reaching out and folding back in, again and again. This play of inner and outer worlds is how I choose to awaken into movement...

This Play. This Day!